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Workshops: Body-image, self-respect and kind relationship with the body

I offer workshops supporting healthy relationship with the body based on the original international curriculum by Embody Love Movement®, mindfulness and self-compassion principals and yoga programs for eating disorders.

Together we explore:

  • Discussions and activities on the topic of body-image and body-shaming.
  • How the way we talk about the body and appearance influences our mind, our feeling of self-worth and self-confidence.
  • What to do and how to talk about the body and how to create and maintain a friendly relationship with the body, with ourselves and others.

Who are these workshops for?

  • Schools/youth organisations
  • Teachers, youthworkers, parents and other adults in children’s and teens’ lives
  • Public workshops or private groups of adults who want to find a better relationship with their bodies
  • Public workshops or private groups of children (6-9), tweens (10-13), teens (14-18)
Workshops can be realised face to face and online. If you don’t find a public event, contact me to arrange a workshop at your organisation or for your private group:

Yoga and mindfulness for eating disorders

I offer private yoga therapy and group courses for adults and teens supporting them on the healing journey from eating disorders. My programs don’t substitute medical treatment. However many clinical studies confirmed that specially structured yoga and mindfulness practice can support and accelerate the healing process. 

In the private and group sessions I use years of experience practicing and teaching yoga and mindfulness and I build on my trainings in yoga for eating disorders, healthy body-image coaching and mindful self-compassion  through various evidence-based programs and organisations including:

Eat.Breathe.Thrive by Chelsea Roff – Embody Love Movement® by Dr.Melody Moore – Yoga.Psyche.Soul. training and Trauma Informed Yoga by Ashley Turner – Mindful Self-compassion by Kristin Neff facilitated by Kami Dvorakova and others.

Note – please discuss with your health professional whether yoga would be suitable for you depending on where you are on the eating disorder spectrum and your current condition on the healing journey.

You can find public group courses in my calendar or book a private yoga therapy.

Click the link below or contact me:

Read an english article about yoga for anxiety, body-image and eating disorders or purchase a webinar in czech language

You can purchase a webinar about yoga and mindfulness for eating disorders in CZECH language that I produced for the educational platform Brainberry. Or:

read an English article I wrote for an international educational consultant Eleni Vardaki. In the article you will learn:

  • what I have noticed runs as a current theme underpinning my teen and adult clients’ anxiety, body image, and eating disorder challenges
  • how generic yoga classes/private sessions differ from therapeutic yoga classes/session, and what therapeutic yoga / yoga for mental health looks like
  • some possible starting points for parents looking for a safe yoga experience for their teen in support of their mental health / mental illness healing journey.