you give to others

starts with YOU

& let the joy flow

Golden sun

In a world of stress...

I invite you to find a place of calm and strength
I invite you to listen to your body and be kind to your body
I invite you to move, to breathe, to grow – and to let your joy flow

I invite you to elevate your art of caring for yourself and your loved ones
Because the loving care you give to others starts with YOU

My invitation

Is to all you awesome women out there who give so much to others.

It is time to invest in YOU, to unlock your potential energy and strength for yourself AND for those you love.

Address your worries, headaches and backpains. Discover calm, strength and joy. 

I have already helped hundreds of adults, teens and children:

– Feel good in their bodies
– Be at peace in their minds
– Feel empowered to live their potential

And I am here to help you too.


I offer the following services

  • Yoga
  • Yoga therapy
  • Pilates
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-respect and body-image coaching

I support my clients by providing a safe, compassionate environment and high quality experience.

Group classes

Hatha yoga, Pilates and Yin yoga. Weekly or monthly.

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Individual sessions

Yoga therapy, Skill-building sessions for fitness & wellness.

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Diverse workshops & courses on yoga, mindfulness & body-image.

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For businesses

Workshops & presentations: less stress at work, more satisfaction & effectiveness.

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Contact me

To sign up for one of the classes, sessions, or workshops. Or to first discuss your needs and wishes, so we can decide  together what’s best for you.

Invest time in yourself

Whether during a one-time session or event, or by attending regular classes. This is time just for you, so you can become even more awesome.

Enjoy feeling great

Celebrate elevating your art of caring for yourself and your loved ones. Celebrate that you’re not only surviving but actually thriving!  

Join the movement!

Experience directly what I can do for you. Get a free guided Body-scan meditation narrated by me to listen to in the comfort of your home.