New! Blossoming Together - ebook

Helping mothers and their teen girls deal with stress, take care of their wellbeing and build confidence to follow their dreams.

By Jana Kyriakou

We are great mothers!

We want the BEST for our daughters. We want them to have healthy, happy and successful lives. Often we want them to have a life as good as ours or even better than ours. Maybe we didn’t have so many opportunities or money or a loving family when we were growing up. Maybe we didn’t have so much information about healthy nutrition, exercise, mental health and stress-management. Maybe we struggled a lot emotionally. Or maybe we don’t remember struggling emotionally and feel distressed that our daughters do. But it’s a sign that we are good mothers that we did notice our daughters struggling. 

Whatever your past is, just the fact, that you are interested in how to help your daughter find that path towards a healthy, happy and successful life – that makes you an awesome mother.

That’s why I wrote for you my first e-book Blossoming together – Helping mothers and their teen girls deal with stress, take care of their wellbeing and build confidence to follow their dreams.

I wrote this book

Based on my own parenting struggles and experiences raising a teenaged daughter, and also based on twenty years’ experience working with teenagers and their mothers as a professional.

And in that time I also learned about  myself. I guess the biggest lesson I’ve learned was to stop preaching and fixing – both teens and moms. Because everyone has a unique story, unique life circumstances, and a unique set of values. 

What’s important for my family might be different for yours. But what I know for sure is that there are some concepts and tools that are universal and are even backed by scientific evidence. Because no matter what our unique story is, we are all biologically, physiologically and socially “human beings.”

In five well-aranged chapters you will learn:

– How to deal with your and her stress and anxiety
– What a “Healthy sleep revolution” is
– How to work with the topic of body-image, self respect and building love towards the body
– How to help your daughter to build healthy self-confidence
– And how to grow blossoming relationships 

What you will find in the ebook

Every module has four main parts related to the specific topic:

  1. My personal story
  2. Brief theory explaining some physiology or psychology of the topic
  3. Journaling exercises 
  4. Tools, tips, tricks and inspiration how to deal with issues related to the topic

Start growing blossoming relationships

If you feel that you can use new inspiration, and if you are ready to take a step closer towards yourself and your daughter and if you want to be supported on this journey by a group of similarly courageous mothers and daughters –
take the first step towards Blossoming Together!

Get this ebook with 111 pages:
– of stories
– evidence and experience based tips and tools
– in a beautifully designed and easy to read format
– with links to free yoga and meditation practices
– and on top of that a Workbook with 28 printable worksheets

For a special introductory price of 690 Kc / 26 Eur

Loving your daughter no matter what

Is the best gift you can give her on her path of growing up. 

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