Individual sessions and therapy


All individuals sessions are suitable for both adults and teens.

Move.breathe.grow. YOGA THERAPY (60 – 90 min)

What is Yoga therapy

According to the International Association of Yoga Therapists:

“Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.”

Yoga therapy doesn’t replace medical treatment. It may serve as a prevention, handling and reversing first mild symptoms of mental or physical unease or as a complimentary support to medical treatment to enhance and accelerate healing.

What is the yoga therapy process:

  • detailed medical questionnaire
  • yoga and physiotherapeutic diagnostics
  • specific regimes and practices for therapy sessions 
  • personalised home practice including text, video or audio if relevant
  • on-line support in case of need

Move.breathe.grow. Yoga therapy sessions include following methods: therapeutic yoga and yoga psychology, Ayurvedic diagnostics and recommendations, physiotherapeutic Pilates, therapeutic breathing, mindfulness, journaling, coaching.

I focus on working mainly with these conditions: 

  • chronic stress, anxiety, depression
  • issues with self-worth, body-image, eating disorders
  • sleeping problems, high blood pressure, chronic headaches
  • back pain, scoliosis, joint pain

Length and number of the sessions

Generally 90 min sessions are recommended. Shorter 60 min sessions might be suitable for younger teens. The length and number of the sessions can be defined after the introduction session. For an actual shift in a person’s wellbeing and life, at least 8 continuous sessions are recommended. The sessions can be planned weekly or biweekly, in person or on-line.

Price list (all prices are in Kc) – from 1st October 2022

  • Introduction session (75 – 90 min): 2.400 Kc
  • Single yoga therapy session (60 min): 1.800 
  • Single yoga therapy session (90 min): 2.400 Kc
  • Prepayment of 8 yoga therapy sessions (60 min): 13.200Kč = 1.650 Kc per session
  • Prepayment of 8 yoga therapy sessions (90 min): 17.600 Kč  = 2.200 Kc per session

* If you are in financial difficulty, contact me and we will discuss price and payment options that might meet your needs and resources.  


(movement, breathing, meditation skills and techniques, physiotherapeutic exercise)

Skill building sessions are focused on introduction or building progress in personal practice in the area of movement, breathing techniques or meditation. The intention is to enhance overall fitness and wellbeing, taking into account the client’s individual condition, goals and needs. However these sessions don’t include specific detailed diagnostics and regimes to focus on prevention or supporting treatment of specific health issues (see Yoga Therapy).

These skill building sessions might include e.g.:

  • personal Pilates with physiotherapeutic goals
  • generic Yoga session with focus on body & mind alignment
  • introduction or progress in breathing techniques
  • introduction or progress in meditation techniques 

Price list (all prices are in Kc) – from 1st October 2022:

1:1 session (one person)

Single session 60 min: 1.400
Prepayment of 5 sessions: 6.500 (1.300 per session)

Single session 75 min: 1.700
Prepayment of 5 sessions: 8.000 (1.600 per session)

Single session 90 min: 2.000
Prepayment of 5 sessions: 9.500 (1.900 per session)

2 people (price for 2 people)

Single session 60 min: 1.600  (800 per person)  
Prepayment of 5 sessions: 7.500 (750 per person)

Single session 75 min: 1.900 (950 per person)
Prepayment of 5 sessions: 9.000 (900 per person)

Single session 90 min: 2.200 (1100 per person)
Prepayment of 5 sessions: 10.500 (1050 per person)   

Private session in your house (any number of family members are welcomed):

Prices start at 1.500 per 60 min 

To book a private session, e-mail me:

Prices and times are a subject of individual negotiation and contract between Jana and the client.

In the past two years, I have been blessed to find Jana on my path. With her, I discovered another kind of yoga: one of laughter, of fun, of calm, of strength. I always come out of my yoga session strong, empowered and inspired. Not only am I learning a lot through Jana’s wise words, but also through her attitude. She is a real ray of light and a daily reminder to stay positive and that it is ok to be just the way we are. “We all have a yoga body”, she says. She means it. And I came to believe it. I truly love being around Jana. Lucky is the one who gets to enjoy her classes.

Marie-Pierre Capistran – Health educator & mom

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