Online course of teen yoga

I’m inviting you to join Anna and Julia, two wonderful teen girls, for short 15 min yoga lessons for your home practice.

Jana Kyriakou

Teen years can be full of fun and challenges at the same time.​

The body and the mind are dealing with a lot of demands and changes. Yoga can help the body to grow well and the mind to concentrate and calm down.

Yoga can be fun!

In the package of teen yoga for joy and calm you will find 4 lessons:

  1. yoga to energize and boost self-confidence
  2. yoga for healthy and pain-free backs
  3. yoga for calming stress and anxiety
  4. yoga to stretch and relax the whole body

You will need a yoga mat or a carpet, a bit of space in your room and comfortable clothes. After you place your order and pay for the package you will get unlimited access (for three years) to the videos on my web platform.

The yoga lessons are suitable for both teens and adults. Perhaps you can practice together at home.

As you practice, listen to your body. All yoga postures are inspirational and I invite you to adjust them according to your momentary mood or needs of the body.

Price for the teen yoga course: 290 Kč

We shot the yoga videos at a beautiful place, in Chateau Mcely in Czech republic, where you are also invited to come for yoga and relaxation.

The music accompanying the yoga lessons was composed by a great musician, singer and dancer Dashi Stardust. May it enhance your whole experience.

I hope that the yoga practice I’m offering will make you feel well in body and mind and that you will enjoy it.

Invitation for all great mothers of teens:

I Invite You to Get Guided, Inspired and to Expand Your Horizons In Ways of Raising Children. Solid, loving relationship with your daughter is the best gift you can give her on her path of growing up. 

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