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About Jana

I’m a woman, mother, wife, sister, friend, teacher, guide, manager…

…but first of all I’m a human being. In my life I experience joy, peace and love as much as pain, stress and fear – just like everyone else.

I’m grateful I had the chance to study, practice and teach many variations of mindful movement and meditation for over 30 years. These body and mind tools helped me not only to handle my life, work and parenting, but to genuinely enjoy it. And they make a difference in the life of my clients too.

Professionally I’ve helped hundreds of adults, teens and children to feel good in their bodies, be at peace in their minds and feel empowered to live their potential.

I also encourage people to laugh more often and to dance and swing their hips as if no one is watching!
Life can be full of JOY!

I’m passionate about supporting, guiding and empowering people to elevate their art of caring for themselves and their loved ones. 

I am a certified teacher of these evidence-based methods

  • Hatha Yoga (200h YTT, V.Krejcik)
  • Yin Yoga (50h YTT,  Angela Jervis Read)
  • Laughter Yoga (Laughter Yoga University Czech Republic)
  • Yoga and Somatics (Trina Altman)
  • Yoga Psychology (300h Yoga.Psyche.Soul – YTT, Ashley Turner)
  • Trauma informed yoga & Trauma informed care (8h Ashley Turner + 50h Angela Jervis Read)
  • Pilates matwork (150h Hana Cisarova, Stott Pilates)
  • Pilates reformer (200h, G.Nemeckova, Balanced Body University)
  • Pilates chair (14h, G.Nemeckova, Balanced Body University)
  • Breathe to Heal (Max Strom)
  • Mindfulness (for adults, children and teens) – including specialized training for teaching mindfulness in education (Mindfulness in Schools Project, UK / Mindwell Education)
  • Embody Love Movement® facilitator (body-image, self-respect and self-compassion curriculum)
  • Yoga for eating disorders (Chelsea Roff, Eat.Breathe.Thrive)
  • Fitness, Les Miles, Aerobics (IFAA, Face Czech) 
  • Dance 
  • Shorter and intensive workshops for professionals (yoga and mindfulness for stress and anxiety, yoga and pilates for children and teens, Yoga for all, physiotherapeutic pilates).

I am a regular participant and lecturer

At national and international workshops, seminars and conferences with body & mind focus. My contributions have covered physical therapy, mental health, yoga, meditation, dance and more. I was a member of an expert team of the Czech National Institute of Mental Health working on a project to improve social-emotional learning in Czech schools.

I am a founder of SEMwell

SEMwell’s mission is to support children, youth and adults
in inclusive, respectful and kind care for their individual and community wellbeing. With my team we work on European and national projects offering methodologies and courses to schools, youth organisations and companies.

Longterm cooperations  

I’m a member and teacher of the Mindfulness Club. 

School of Clinical Naturopathy

I cooperate with the Czech School of Clinical Naturopathy and the online learning platform Brainberry as a lecturer in the field of mindfulness and yoga therapy.

I am based in Prague

Czech Republic

I cooporate with

Yoga in Style
props and yoga clothes from eco bamboo

Czech Mindfulness Institute

National Institute of Mental Health

Czech Mindfulness Club

Chateau Mcely


Mind Well

Laskio - First Czech Institute of Mindful Self - compassion

Want to know more?

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