Well-being of teens

I’m a mother of a teenage girl and boy who are my greatest life teachers. Watching and helping my children grow into independent and awesome people is exciting and also challenging. I laugh, I cry, I worry, I’m full of pride. 

The body and mind practices I studied and was trained in, helped me not only to handle my life and parenting, but to genuinely enjoy it. They make a difference in the life of my own teenage children and my clients too.

I’m passionate about supporting teenage girls and their parents in this exciting, yet challenging time of their life. I know the challenges and I can help. I’ve led courses and workshops for teens for many years as well as individual sessions. I’m a member of the expert team of the Czech National Institute of Mental health working on projects improving social-emotional learning of students in Czech Schools.


  • Yoga and mindfulness courses for teens
  • Body-image and self-respect workshops for teens 
  • Individual yoga therapy for teens: stress management (anxiety, depression), sleeping problems, self-confidence and self-worth support, postural alignment
  • Same programs are available for parents to help them guide their teens and take care of themselves during any parenting challenges


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I experienced the joy of attending Jana´s yoga classes as an after school activity during my Junior- year of high school. Unlike any other body movement-focused class I have taken in the past, Jana´s yoga classes are something different. I remember being nervous, because I was never really athletic and thought myself as someone who could not make body movement look artistic. Despite all my doubts about myself, once Jana started the class, my headspace was transferred into this: come as you are, doesn´t matter how much you´ve exercised in the past, no matter what age you are and regardless of your body size or shape: you are welcomed into a space full of joy, peace and celebration. Celebration of being able to be mindful of our bodies and the movement your body is able to make. A space of encouragement, where there is no judgment and where your doubts about your body are placed with a mindset of “I´m amazing and so is my body”. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and her classes were definitely one of the highlights of my high school years.

Anna Rosa Eerikäinen – Blogger & musician

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