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REGULAR CLOSED GROUP CLASSES (reservations necessary)

10% of all prepaid group courses goes to Tereza Maxova foundation


Move.breathe.grow.  Hatha Yoga 75 min

This class offers a body, mind and psyche integration approach to wellbeing and support of physical and emotional health. You can expect a combination of mindful movement based on yoga poses (asanas), somatics and other bodywork techniques, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and teachings and application of yogic philosophy, yoga therapy and psychology principles. During practice a major focus is on developing and applying mindfulness, body awareness and kindness to self. The yoga of sound (nada yoga) is used to promote the elevated experience in a form of specially prepared music lists, vibrations of tibetan bowl and chanting.

  • When: Thursdays, 9.00 – 10.20 a.m.
  • Where: Fitness room of Pala Vizner tennis center, Suttnerove 2, Praha 6,
  • Price: 80 min class: 440,- Kc single participation / 400,- Kc with term prepayment
  • Detailed terms of participation can be found HERE
  • To book a spot: e-mail me –

Move.breathe.grow. Pilates 60 min

This class combines mindful movement based on Pilates, physiotherapeutic principles and somatics as well as conscious breathing and cultivating mindful body awareness. The overall goal is to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body and mind. Emphasis is on strengthening the deep core muscles and developing healthy postural alignment. Building the skills of mindfulness and body awareness is also a necessary part of these lessons.

  • When: Thursdays, 10.40 – 11.40 a.m.
  • Where: Fitness room of Pala Vizner tennis center, Suttnerove 2, Praha 6,
  • Price: 60 min class: 380,- Kc single participation / 340,- Kc with term prepayment
  • Detailed terms of participation can be found HERE
  • To book a spot: e-mail me –

These yoga and pilates classes run as closed groups with term prepayment policy. Occasionally a single opened spot is available for a single participation. Contact me for availability: 

Move.breathe.grow community commits to a greater goodness that goes beyond the individual wellbeing of its members. We are happy we can donate 10% of all prepaid courses to the charity organisation Nadace Terezy Maxove that serves and helps abandoned and disadvantage children.

OPEN CLASSES – FACE TO FACE AND ONLINE (reservation necessary):

YIN YOGA – face to face group class


Yin Yoga

Yin is the feminine force in the universe that defines all that is cool, dark, slow, smooth and passive. It is an attitude of reflection, reception and relaxed observation. The yin way is gentle and a surprisingly powerful method to invoke change in both body and mind.

Yin yoga is a unique gentle way of practising Hatha yoga. Instead of recruiting muscles to stabilize a posture the asanas are performed mostly on the ground and are supported by props like bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps. Relying on the props to ‘hold’ the shape of the posture the student can fully relax their body — removing all physical effort. By releasing the body in this way the tension is transferred to the connective tissue (fascia) rather than the usual stretch felt through the muscles. The fascial network defines our physical shape as well as playing a large role in our emotional and mental landscape.  By stimulating particular areas in the fascial net we are able to manipulate how we are feeling and what we are thinking. During a prolonged period of holding of the asanas (5-8 min) students are encouraged to use mindfulness meditation to observe, allow and accept physical, mental and emotional sensations that might arise.

By applying the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s meridian system and the knowledge of the Indian Chakra paradigm to the Western medicine system of myofascial trains, we can synthesize Eastern and Western approaches to healing.

  • When: Mondays, 1.30 – 2.45 p.m.
  • How often: every one or two months – check the calendar for actual dates
  • Where: Fitness room of Pala Vizner tennis center, Suttnerove 2, Praha 6,
  • Price: 75 min class – 440,- Kc single participation
  • To book a spot: e-mail me: jana@


Yin yoga is suitable for any level of fitness or yoga experience. It’s not recommended to hyper flexible bodies and pregnant women, whose connective tissue is already loose. After the Yin Yoga class it’s not advised to engage in a vigorous physical activity (vigorous sport, lifting heavy weight etc.) for about 6 hours. Please discuss any concerns or health issues (physical / mental) with the instructor prior to taking the Yin Yoga class.

Due to the slow pace of the class It’s recommended to wear extra layers of comfortable clothes and socks.

STRETCH, RELAX, MEDITATE – online weekly group class


Gentle yin yoga including slow flow and meditative postures. This mindful breathing, stretching and relaxation practice is focused on releasing tension from the body and the mind, reducing stress and calming the nervous system.

  • You will need a quiet place in your home or office, yoga mat, blanket, towel and one or two pillows or a yoga bolster.
  • You can join the class from anywhere around the globe
  • To join the class, you will need a good internet connection, laptop (tablet, phone) and the Zoom link that you will get into your email after booking the class.
  •  Please note that the class will run in case of minimum 3 people registered by Wednesday 8 p.m. CET. So book your spot on time.
  • When: Thursdays, 6.30 – 7.30 p.m. CET (Prague/Berlin) – join from anywhere around the globe – check your time zone
  • Where: online on ZOOM
  • Price: 270 Kč (11 Eur) per single class / 1.500 Kč (60 Eur) per 6pack of classes
  • For registrations and payment e-mail me:


All group classes are intended for generally healthy people and don’t substitute any medical treatment. Yet, they may serve as a support or complement to physiotherapy, chronic illness treatment or stress management. As the emphasis is on cultivating body awareness, the clients are encouraged to listen to their bodies and adjust or stop any exercise that would feel painful. The body and mind need a healthy challenge to cultivate strength and flexibility. Yet, severe pain is always a signal to stop. Practitioners of all levels are welcomed to the group classes, modifications are usually given to most practices.

In case of any major health issue (physical or mental) the client needs to consult her medical professional and Jana prior to taking the class. For full terms & conditions click here.

I’ve been practicing yoga with Jana for several years. Sometimes I tease her by telling her that she is my guru, which she refuses humbly. But it’s true. I admire the values that characterise her and that she really lives by and spreads further. Her classes don’t just mean a good exercise for the body, but also alignment of scattered thoughts, clarification of personal life priorities and food of the soul. I often leave her class with a solution to my current problems, including work issues. Again and again Jana tunes into my unexpressed exact thoughts and during the class offers her view or rather a non-preaching insight. I’m greatly inspired by her reminders about an overactive ego, always with perfect timing, but without any unpleasant preaching. One quality I would like to raise above others is Jana’s empathy. At her classes I feel like she is connected with us by invisible threads, through which she is nurturing us with her love and attention.

Inez Cusumano – owner of Chateau Mcely

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