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On following themes:

  • Reduce stress and increase effectiveness: Yoga and mindfulness in workplace 
  • Reduce stress and increase effectiveness: Move to be well 
  • Reduce stress and increase effectiveness: Sleep to be well 
  • Body-image and self-respect language

Workshops, presentations and courses can be tailor made for the needs of the audience.

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Tereza Vacatova

As a project manager I worked with Jana on creation and organisation of projects in the field of well-being. I especially appreciate her reliability, accountability, benevolence and effort to find a solution suitable for all sides.
She is very considerate to the individual needs of people and has a desire to help and support others.  
As a teacher she is always perfectly prepared. She is able to motivate and literally make people get up from their chairs – and naturally warm them up. She can create a trustful and safe atmosphere, where any possible uncomfortable feelings, disappear. And whoever just wants to observe, observes without feeling embarrassed. This is a skill that I find very important in the field and topics that Jana is leading people through.  

Tereza Vacatová – Project Manager of MyRefresh company

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